Hello all!  My name is Shirley and I’ve loved stationery for as long as I can remember. There’s no shortage of pens or paper in my home, as writing and organizing is a very necessary part of life. I’m glad to say it’s a pastime as well. The written word brings me peace.

I’m somewhat new to blogging. Way in the depths of the internet, you might find a blog from 2010 chronicling my arduous time in graduate school. It was mostly a place for me to vent about endless work and keep friends updated on my life. Thankfully, that chapter is over.  Graceful Pages is my calmer, more grounded take on building a life well-lived.

My full time gig is working as a K-12 speech-language pathologist.  My days with these learners are spent conversing, writing, teaching, counseling and laughing. In my almost six years in this profession, I find that I’ve learned just as much from these children as they’ve learned from me.

When I’m not engrossed in my stationery hobby  or working, you can find me shopping, hitting the gym, spending time with loved ones, or traveling. I have a loving boyfriend and Yorkie who you may see on the blog from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by!  You’re always welcome here.