Mistakes I Made When I Joined the Planner Community

Ten months into my planner obsession,  I think I’ve gained enough experience to give some advice. I’ve spent more time and money than I should have, but it has taught me a lot about  what I really need to have planner peace.

Oops #1: Thinking I needed a planner to coordinate with every season.

‘Oh it’s fall. I need an orange planner to match the leaves on the trees, right?’

No. No I didn’t.  I now have a planner that needs to be destashed.

It’s totally fine to get festive, but a pink planner works just as well as an orange one in October. Same goes with decorating too. Use the blue floral washi in December! It’s your planner.

Oops #2. Going to the store every time there was a coupon.

Y’all.  Michael’s had a stronghold on my wallet for a long time. I had to go before the 40% off one item coupon expired or I would miss the deal of a lifetime!

FullSizeRender 2

After using these coupons enough times, I finally realized that they were offered on a regular basis (that’s how they keep us coming back, right?). The planner stuff could wait a week – or three – if need be.

If you miss a sale or a good coupon at a craft store, don’t worry. There will always be another one.

Oops #3. Impulse Buys

Those cute, cheap items strategically placed next to the checkout used to get me every time. The pens, list pads, desk decorations, and stamps were all too adorable to pass up!  For me, these items soon turn to clutter and I have to give them away. Before I buy anything planner related I ask myself:

  1. Do you have something like this already?
  2. How often will you use it?

I might actually have a back and forth conversation in my head while I decide to make a purchase.    If I can answer #1 with “no”, #2 with “regularly”, I’ll give myself the green light to buy it. If not, it goes right back where I found it.

Some of what I learned was just part of the process of being a newbie. I hope this will help someone to navigate the planner world a little more easily!




16 thoughts on “Mistakes I Made When I Joined the Planner Community

  1. makinghermama says:

    I hear you!!! I have an Erin Condren school planner (LOVE IT!!) but I’m not even using it but I’ve been eyeing up everyone’s bullet journal. The thing with journals is that they only work when we use them, no matter how pretty!!! Great share! ~ Nadine at Makinghermama.com

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  2. Elizabeth Hall says:

    These are ll very good points. There is a mob mentality in some of the planner groups. If someone makes a suggestion (ex. sales at Michaels) people feel like they are going to miss something. Really if you check the pricing, Michaels has clearance items that are usually about 40% off which is what the coupons give you. The other craft stores do that as well. We are not missing out on a lot if we miss a sale. However, I’ve seen some other discussions where people just jump on board without being truly informed about the decision that they make. Without giving any examples, it happens a lot in the planner community. I love the planner community but it can be a bit cray, cray at time. Nice article.

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    • gracefulpages says:

      Yes, Michael’s always has something on clearance! The marketing with the sales and coupons really pulls people in. Hopefully it’s something that people grow out of if they feel like they are buying too much – I couldn’t imagine spending the way I did for years straight. Thanks so much for stopping through 🙂

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    • gracefulpages says:

      Give it some time and maybe you’ll want less! A planner friend on IG mentioned how going to planner meet ups and doing swaps is a fun way to get new supplies without spending a lot of money.


  3. jacquiC says:

    So glad we don’t have a Michaels in South Africa, otherwise I would definitely bankrupt myself….lol. But that being said I am a sucker for beautiful Journals…all those gorgeous clean and new pages just waiting for something…..heehee.

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    • gracefulpages says:

      lol yes I understand! There’s something just refreshing about getting a brand new journal. I bought a bullet journal some months ago and I was so excited to use it…now I only write in it every few weeks. Lesson learned!

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  4. istayorganized says:

    I am cracking up because the whole time I read your post, I was nodding my head in agreement like, “Yes, girl!” Haha! Excellent advice for individuals starting out. I still have the impulse to purchase every planner under the moon, because I want to beef up my collection, but it is a lot of money we spend collectively.

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