I took the leap! Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera

I love capturing moments and turning the mundane into memories.  I’m no photographer, but sometimes the stars align and I take a picture that’s frame-worthy.

I bought my Nikon D3100 in 2012 when I wanted to be all crunchy-soulful-mother earth and take pictures of nature.  Yeah…that didn’t last long. After shooting with it for a short time, the bulk and awkwardness would force it back into the case. I travel a few a times year and passed up wonderful opportunities to use it because it was Just. So. Big. What was the point of even having it?

It collected dust in the guest room until last fall, when my planning and lifestyle hobby   surfaced. Since last October, I’ve used that camera more in six months than I have in the last four years. Most of the shots on my Instagram and this blog were taken with my Nikon.

In February, I saw that my blog was gradually blossoming to include more bits and pieces of my life.  I also wanted to capture more memories away from home, so I started looking for compact cameras that would give me DSLR quality photos.

Enter the Canon EOS M10 mirrorless camera. I read this blog which may or may not have nudged me to give the mirrorless camera a try.  I did about a week’s worth of research (mostly price comparing) before buying one.

Here’s the beaut:


A couple of pictures using this camera in automatic mode. No additional editing:

img_2714-3Spring is near!
img_2715-2Aww. Birds’ nest in the yard.

My first impression as a casual camera user is that this Canon does its job. It’s compact and gives me similar, if not better picture quality compared to my DSLR. It’s also very user friendly – didn’t take me too long to figure out the controls and functions.  What really made me want any sort of mirrorless camera was the wi-fi capability and LCD screen. I love being able to snap a picture and send it straight to my phone. The screen also flips up to take selfies or film, if you are so inclined.

Didn’t want any bells or whistles – just a solid camera that I could use on my travels (or bird watch in my yard:)). I just need summer to hurry up so I can really put this to use!



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