Put Your Planner to Work!

When it comes to my work, planning is about as functional as it gets. My planner hasn’t seen a sticker or an inch of washi since August and it’s gonna stay that way. If you’ve read my very first post, you’ll know why I decided to use a Happy Planner for work.

Check out my busted hard-working HP. The corners are frayed and the original punches are visible. It’s seen the inside of my backpack, the trunk of my car, the school cafeteria, and countless other places. For what it’s been through, I’d say it’s holding up pretty well.


I was immediately drawn to the bright print and colors when I bought this last summer. After repurposing it as my work planner, I realized it didn’t look very professional.   I’d spent a few dollars to get it coiled and only used it for two months, so I didn’t have the heart to recycle it. The planner still got the job done quite well, so I decided to use it for this academic year.

As some of you know, I’m a school-based speech-language pathologist. My days can get pretty hectic and sometimes my schedule looks more like a giant to-do list. I often wonder what it’d be like to just follow my schedule exactly the way I plan it, but it’s not always possible (and not necessarily a bad thing, either).The constant change keeps me on my toes and challenges my ability to prioritize and stay flexible.

Alright….You’ve spent good money on your planner, so put it to work!

Streamlining your weekly plan:

  1. Make a list of all of your job responsibilities.
  2. Sort them into three broad categories.


List each category from least flexible (finish first) to most flexible (can finish at a later date).  For me, meetings may be planned weeks in advance and some have deadlines, so there isn’t much room to reschedule. Communication is usually in preparation for a meeting and can be done throughout the week. Therapy and assessment come last. These are still very important, but can be rescheduled as needed.The Notes section is used for reminders about the upcoming week or any information that doesn’t fit into the boxes.

This method is still very doable for horizontal planners. Just create three (or more)boxes to categorize your tasks for each day.DSC_1985.jpg

*This is a mock planner spread, as the actual information in my planner is confidential.

I don’t know how I managed so many years with basic monthly planners. This system has helped my work week to flow more smoothly and you should give it a try! Let me know how you stay organized at your 9-5 or home business!

Shirley ❤


10 thoughts on “Put Your Planner to Work!

    • gracefulpages says:

      Hey! If you want something to take on the go, I’d say to try a personal sized ring binder or a traveler’s notebook. The outer cover is durable and protects the pages.

      Ring binders are easier to find in stores and a lot of people like them because you can remove the pages.

      The only downside I have for travelers notebooks is that you’d have to order or print your inserts from online, but they are fun to customize and make exactly to your liking! I like my TN more than anything I’ve found in stores.

      Here are paper/notebook sizes

      I hope this helps! Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for ya!

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