I almost forgot it was winter.

The weather in the midwest is unpredictable. It was sunny and 60 degrees here on Monday. Only two days later, the city is blanketed in snow.  While it can be a headache, I will say that it makes ordinary things look picturesque.

DSC_1826 (1).jpgSpot the doggy footprints in the snow.

I’m used to it and some days I even like it.  I’m from the Chicago area and even learned to drive in the snow. I secretly wish I lived in the south where they close schools after an inch of snow.

Catch you guys later. I’ll be in my fortress of pillows and blankets, watching Youtube.


5 thoughts on “I almost forgot it was winter.

  1. Chandra Lynn says:

    It’s been unseasonably warm here in Northern Alabama as well, with sudden changes in temps. 70 yesterday. 45 high for today. Crazy. And yes, the snow days are a nice perk. 😀 Unfortunately, no real snow days here yet. There’s still hope!

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