How to Journal

I’ve loved journaling since I was a kid. I couldn’t wait to get home from school and write in my Lisa Frank diary with those neon gel pens (who else grew up in the 90’s?). The inside of a journal was and still is my happy place.

When I found the journaling community online, I was both ecstatic and overwhelmed. I came across so many Instagrammers with perfect handwriting and detailed artwork drawn into the pages of their journals. Deep, reflective prose that went on for pages at a time.

I’d then go back to my desk and scrawl my scattered thoughts onto some lined paper, hoping I could read it the next day.

After some research, I’ve finally figured out how to journal:

Step 1: Do what you want.

Step 2: Repeat step 1. Yes girl, do what you want.


I journal three or four times a week. Sometimes my entries are a page long and other times I write until I can’t write anymore. It’s a mish-mash  of writing, washi tape, paint, and scrapbook paper.

Your journal is for you Use those beautiful images on social media as inspiration, but never feel that there’s a right way to do it.   The only things you need to start journaling are paper and a pen. Write away, friends!

Until next time. ❤


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